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Smart IR

Smart IR

Smart IR
Bye Bye to your Remotes

LEXA IR is a compact smart remote. It works as a universal remote for various devices like TV, AC, Set-top box, Media Streaming Devices, Projector etc., You simply need to connect it to any USB adaptor, enable your local Wi-Fi network to control your appliances with LEXA Smart App.

Complete 360° Coverage

Innovative LEXA IR arrangement to cover an entire room’s radius of 15-20 feet. This kind of arrangement helps to control all IR appliances in a room no matter where you place LEXA IR

Control via Smartphone

LEXA IR turns your smartphone into a universal remote, giving you control over your home entertainment and IR devices. You can change channels , turn the volume up or down, program favourites, set temperature on your Air Conditioner ,control projectors, media streamers and much more.

Give more power to your voice.

LEXA Smart comes integrated with Amazon Alexa , Google Assistant & Siri . You can simply configure your digital assistant on the LEXA Smart app so that from the next time you only need to ask Alexa, Google & Siri to change the channel on the TV or switch off your Air conditioner.