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Lexa Community Solutions

Lexa Community Solutions

Home Smart Home !


Forgot to lock the home? Lexa Smart smart home lets you lock your home right from your phone. Monitor your home like a hawk from anywhere in the world. Your home is always safer when its smarter

Energy Efficiency

There’s no other motivator like a smart home that motivates you to save power. In fact, you can save 15-20% of your normal monthly power consumption in Lexa Smart smart home.


Make your home do tasks on its own. No more having to remember turning off ACs and heaters. Or switching off water pumps. Lexa Smart smart home can do all that on its own.


Can your home turn your living room into a movie theatre with a tap on the phone? Or welcome you with an evening scene when you return from work? Well Lexa Smart smart home can.


No change to your existing electrical wirings and no breaking of your walls.