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Smart Cloud WiFi

Smart Cloud WiFi

We Believe In a dream
Smart Cloud WiFi

Smart Cloud WiFi

OToday’s home network is becoming the most critical system in the home after the electrical wiring. We’ve got video streaming, music downloads, video conferencing, and Skype all putting a load on your network. We also have sophisticated electronic thieves roaming neighbourhoods with Wi-Fi spying devices attempting to hack into your network.

If you are serious about speed and security, it’s an an enterprise grade or high-end residential system you need.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing different wireless access points and routers to determine the best combinations for speed and security.

Cloud Managed - Zero Touch Configuration at AP [Plug and Play]
Secure Communication Channel between AP and Cloud Controller
Multi SSID Support - 3 SSIDs per AP
Rogue AP Detection
Secure Wireless Mesh Support - Plug and Play
Seamless Client Roaming within Mesh
Flexible Data Forwarding Modes - Configurable per SSID
[Bridge Mode, NAT Mode and Tunnel Mode with VLANs]
Flexible Authentication Methods - Configurable per SSID
Built- In Captive Portal
Easy integration with Third Party Captive Portal Platforms
Bandwidth Management - Per User and Per SSID
Device White Listing and Black Listing
Traffic Analysis and Logs
Domain Name based White Listing and Black Listing
TRAI WANI Compliant Solution